AMS Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centres

2 medical clinics in Montreal and Dorval

AMS Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centres

Montreal’s two AMS Clinic locations are leading healthcare centers for the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal ailments that result from injury, accident, or illness.

AMS Clinics are staffed by a multidisciplinary team of medical & rehabilitation specialists include registered physicians, physiotherapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, osteopaths, acupuncturists, psychologists, and health specialists from other complimentary fields. Our “team” approach and dedicated staff deliver the best resources possible to our patients. We work with private patients and have arrangements with many insurance providers. Our clinic is also CSST and SAAQ certified for work and vehicle accident recovery treatments.


Physiotherapists (also called Physical Therapists) help people recovering from illness or accident, overuse, work, or sports-related injuries, to heal and to improve strength, balance, and flexibility.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapists help those recovering from injury, illness, or accident to be able to perform the day to day tasks they need to do — from physical retraining to providing emotional support and guidance.

Sports Medicine

Our Sports Medicine clinic has a complete multidisciplinary team including sports physicians, certified physiotherapists, massage therapists, and other rehabilitation services, for injury rehabilitation and performance improvement.


Acupuncture has a wide variety of medically accepted therapeutic uses from reducing back pain and tendonitis pain to helping with digestive problems and with smoking cessation.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy has powerful therapeutic benefits both as a stand-alone treatment and as part of an injury recovery plan. Your AMS massage therapist will be happy to tailor your massage treatment to your needs.

Counselling Psychology

AMS has registered Clinical Psychologists onsite who can work as part of team for injury, illness, or accident recovery, or as primary therapy providers for problems from depression and anxiety to family counselling.

Braces & Orthotics

The highest quality orthotic devices for feet, ankles, and other support needs, along with experienced physicians together ensure that your orthotic device fits well, is comfortable, and offers maximum support and stability.

Spinal Decompression

Spinal Decompression Traction Therapy can relieve pressure on compressed nerves that causes back pain or other problems. For a majority of patients, spinal decompression therapy reduces pain and improves mobility.


Osteopathy is a holistic, non-surgical method of restoring strength and functioning. Osteopaths identify points of restriction or excessive strain and effect hands-on changes to help the body to return to equilibrium.


All our physiotherapy, occupational therapy and psychology services are available either in person at the clinic or through teleconferencing (tele-rehabilitation).  Please email for more information or click here to book your appointment online.

Our office hours are progressively getting back to a full-time schedule.  Please call us and leave a message, or email

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Thank you for putting my back and entire body back into shape after my spinal fusion. Every single person on your AMS Team contributed to the enormous medical transformation that occurred.

— Dave Liebman

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…cheerful, empathetic, and caring atmosphere helps boost one’s morale during a difficult time. Bravo AMS – and thank-you!

— G.F.

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AMS gave me the opportunity to slowly ease my way back into performing my job duties at work without fear of reinjuring myself.

— D.M

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AMS clinic helped me to regain my autonomy and also contributed to my well being.

— S.B.

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