We wanted to share some interesting results as recently reported in the European Spine Journal article, “Centralization in patients with sciatica: are pain responses to repeated movement and positioning associated with outcome types of disc lesions?”1 The study included subjects from 18‐65 years old who presented with acute and subacute radicular pain of dermatomal distribution to the knee or below and pain greater than 3 on a 1‐10 scale:

  • 84.8% responded to standardized MDT physical assessment procedures.
  • After the physical assessment all subjects received MRI and classified for normal bulging, focal protrusion, broad‐based protrusion, extrusion and sequestration.
  • 83.7% of the people with normal discs or discs with bulge and an intact intradiscal pressure were able to centralize. The patients with extruded and sequestered discs with certain lack of intra‐discal pressure had the highest centralization level of all at 93.5%.

We hope this finding continues to help explain why the MDT process deserves consideration as one of the first steps in a conservative diagnosis and treatment approach for lower back pain and sciatic type pain.

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