Here are some physiotherapy exercises that will help you improve your posture throughout your day.
These exercises have no contraindications and everyone can do them. You can do them at home and it will take you a maximum of 10 minutes per day.
Normally, we have a lot of muscle stiffness in the trapezius (muscles located between the neck and shoulders), or we have a curved back or rolled shoulders. Whatever your case, these exercises will help you achieve better posture. Are you ready to try them?

Physio Exercise #1:

Tennis Ball under the Trapezius
Lying on your back, knees bent. Place a tennis ball on each side, between the neck and shoulder, below the trapezius muscle.
Bring your hands towards the ceiling, bend your elbows. The right hand takes the left forearm near the elbow, and the left hand takes the right forearm, forming a small square with both arms.
A) Move this small square to the right and left sides, 10 times on each side, without moving your head.
B) Then, position this small square on your forehead and make the same lateral movements (to the right and left) with head movement. Repeat 10 times on each side.
C) If possible, bring your arms to the ground behind your head, and repeat the lateral movements, always keeping your head in the center, without moving. Repeat 10 times. If necessary, loosen the small square a bit.
Return to the initial position, reverse the hand positions, and repeat the entire sequence. Remove the balls and observe how your body feels.
Did you know: this area can have very deep tension points, causing pain that can radiate to the head, arm, or face. If this happens, gently insist until the pain decreases or disappears.

Physio Exercise #2:

Arms in Cross
Lying on your left side, knees and hips bent at 90 degrees (as if you were sitting in a chair), palm of the right hand on the palm of the left hand. Open the right arm towards the right lateral wall, with the palm facing up, without lifting and detaching the left knee from the floor and without detaching the right knee from the left knee. The head turns following the arm movement with the gaze.
Take 03 full breaths and return to the initial position. Repeat 05 to 10 times. Do it on the other side.

Physio Exercise #3:

Tube in Candlestick
Place a tube (PVC 1m x 100mm) or a roller vertically on the floor and lie on it (the pelvis, the entire spine, and the head should be resting on the tube/roller). Keep your legs bent. Open your arms in the direction of the lateral walls as if forming a cross. Keep your elbows fixed to the ground. Slide the back of your hands and forearms upwards (towards the wall behind your head) until you reach a 90° angle (candlestick position with arms). If you cannot keep your arms in this position, resume a comfortable angle that has the support of the back of the hand on the floor (the gain will be progressive). Breathe slowly for 5 minutes, with the intention of lowering and approaching the ribs during exhalation.
Learn more: excellent movement to achieve better spinal alignment, open the shoulders, and maintain good posture. This movement should be done regularly, as it relieves the tensions of everyday life.