Depending upon the type of wrap used and the elements within that wrap, it can be used as a natural treatment for a variety of ailments. Mud that comes from salt water, with a high content of salt and minerals, such as the mud found in Israel at the Dead Sea and in Utah at the Great Salt Lake, can help treat eczema (excessive dry skin), acne and body aches. Other types of mud, which have a high silicone dioxide content, such as mud found in Hungary, have been known to treat more serious health issues such as chronic joint problems and diseases that affect the joints and spine, as well as intense stress. Algae wrap has many properties also that help treat ailements such as: thyroid hormonal problems, muscle tissue decongestion, arthritis and rheumatism.

Application of Mud Wrap

While you are lying down on a sheet, usually one made of plastic, Mylar (a polyester sheet), towels or linens that will be used as the wrap later, mud is applied to the desired area. Once the mud has been applied, you are wrapped somewhat tightly to keep you and the mud warm, which aids in the detoxification. After about 20 minutes, you are unwrapped and washed clean of the mud. Massage is usually done afterward to promote the healing process.

Before attempting any of the above mentioned approaches in massotherapy, please make sure that you consult a health care professional since there may be some contraindication that apply to your specific situation.