When afflicted with either a work or car accident, often times the victim suffers without seeking the appropriate help, thinking the pain will eventually go away. In doing so, the victim is not benefiting from services that can eliminate pain, restore function and lead the way to healing without actually costing him anything.

The goal of this article is to expose and explain the steps that need to be taken following a work or car accident. This will help minimize the negative effects be it physical or psychological that such an injury can cause.

Consult a doctor

Explain how you got hurt at work or in the car. This first medical consultation can be done at a hospital, a walk-in medical clinic or with your family physician.
The doctor will then fill out the appropriate CNESST or SAAQ medical forms. Make sure you detail all of your aches and pains.

Ask the doctor to refer you to a rehabilitation centre for a complete multidisciplinary evaluation.

Often times an injury causes other smaller injuries to occur. Hence it is crucial that a complete physical evaluation be done by a physiotherapist following a work or a car accident.

Choose a rehabilitation centre that is multidisciplinary.

This means that the clinic should have health professionals from different fields available to see you such as doctors, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and psychologists. . This will make sure that all of your ailments will be efficiently addressed. Therefore the physical aspects of your condition can be addressed by the physiotherapist and acupuncturist, the functional aspects by the occupational therapist and eventually as needed the psychological aspects by the psychologist.
The rehabilitation team will undertake a full evaluation and give you precious advice on how to quickly control and decrease pain while progressively increasing function.

Make your rehabilitation your priority.

You may or may not be prescribed to stop work due to your injuries. If so, the CNESST or SAAQ will continue paying your salary while you are off work and doing your rehabilitation. The CNESST or SAAQ will also pay for all medical expenses related to your injury. Even if the victim is still at work, he can still benefit from rehabilitation services after his working hours.

To get more information on your rights as well as the step by step instructions following a work or car accident please email me at info@amsclinic.ca or call me at (514) 300-1031 ext 234.

Richard Bouzaglou is a physiotherapist, member of the OPPQ, and rehabilitation director of the AMS Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Centers – Montreal and AMS Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center – Montreal; 620 Lakeshore, Dorval, H9S 2B6 & 5950 Cote-des-Neiges, #240, Montreal, H3S 1Z6, Tel.514-300-1031, ext # 234.