1. Notify your employer
  2. See a doctor

You must see a doctor, even if it is a minor injury. Tell the doctor that your pain is due to an accident at work. Ask the doctor for a medical certificate. You will need it to make a claim to the CNESST. Give a copy of the medical certificate to your employer and send a copy to the CNESST.

  1. Complete the Worker’s Claim form

If you are absent from work for more than 14 days, if you have expenses to be reimbursed (parking, orthotics, ..) or if you need treatment such as physiotherapy, complete the Worker’s Claim form. You can download your form here https://amsclinic.ca/en/account-center/

  1. Follow the treatments prescribed by the doctor

You must make sure that you have all the necessary medical examinations and follow the treatments prescribed by your doctor such as physiotherapy.

  1. Who will pay your salary during your accident?

On the day of the accident, your employer pays you 100% of your usual salary. For the first 14 days of absence, your employer pays you 90% of your net salary for the periods you would normally have worked. After that, the CNESST will pay you 90% pf your net salary.  If you miss your appointments without a valid reason, the CNESST may deduct this day from your salary.