Knee Braces, Leg, and Ankle Braces

Lower extremity braces provide support, strength, and improved mobility of damaged joints and other leg structures. These recommended knee, ankle, thigh, and other leg braces braces are of the highest quality for long-lasting and comfortable usage.

Unloader One®

Unloader One® is a comfortable, lightweight, low-profile leg and knee brace that provides excellent suspension and unloading leverage. This lightweight brace preserves the clinically-proven Össur® Unloader 3-Points of Leverage design by incorporating Dual Dynamic Force Straps that are easily fine-tuned via a Dynamic Force Control System. Color-coded Quick Fit Buckles simplify application and removal, while flexible shells and breathable liners, coated with Össur Sensil® Silicone, improve comfort and reduce migration, helping to ensure patient compliance.

Research shows that Unloader One reduces pain, improves function and decreases the use of pain medication. It is recommended for:

  • Mild to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis
  • Unicompartmental knee conditions requiring load reduction, such as Articular Cartilage Defect Repair, Avascular Necrosis, or Tibial Plateau Fracture
  • Thigh circumferences of 13.5” to 29” (34.3cm to 73.5cm) and calf circumferences of 9.8” to 24” (24.9cm to 61.5cm)
  • All regular and non-contact activities.

Reaction Web Knee Brace

The REACTION WEB knee brace is a responsive, webbed approach to knee pain that gives you a distinct alternative to the basic knee sleeve. Developed by world renown orthopedic surgeon, Dr. William Nordt, the REACTION WEB can help decrease knee pain and increase function to get you back to your active lifestyle.

The elastomeric web is an innovative solution that absorbs shock, disperses energy and shifts pain away from your knee. This comfortable, easy to apply solution takes the shape of your knee, with an improved design engineered for better fit and comfort. What’s your Reaction? Read the Open Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation’s published a report: REACTION WEB reduces knee pain, increases function, enhances quality of life and is effective in conservative care for those with patellofemoral pain syndrome.

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OA Reaction Web

A Discreet Solution for Osteoarthritis Knee Pain.

The OA REACTION WEB is the lowest profile knee brace on the market to treat early or mild Osteoarthritis (OA) knee pain. The patented silicone web technology provides a snug, custom fit that won’t slip or slide.  In fact, the brace is so comfortable, you may forget you’re wearing a brace at all.

Lightweight Knee Brace Gives Low-Profile Pain Relief

OA REACTION WEB offers discreet wearability utilizing mild offloading and proprioception to help reduce knee pain for mild to moderate activity. The knee brace represents a new level of bracing comfort for those with early to mild OA of the knee, or with early stage joint space narrowing.

Patented Brace Technology

DonJoy, a pioneer in bracing technology, is taking OA bracing to the next level of comfort using breakthrough silicone web technology. OA REACTION WEB offers the thinnest and most open framework available.

Discreet Pain Relief

OA REACTION WEB gives those with OA knee pain the relief they need in a comfortable, lightweight, low-profile solution that can even be worn under clothing before, during and after activity. Designed for those who participate in mild activity, obese patients, and active aging patients who jog, hike or play tennis or golf.

Features & Benefits

  • Silicone Web Technology – scientifically designed to provide shock absorption and anterior knee pain relief treating OA of both the knee joint and the patella;
  • Low-profile Design – wear it under pants, skirts or with exercise clothing as a discreet solution for pain;
  • Four-way, Adjustable Wraparound Design – comfortable, form-fitting design creates a custom- like fit for most legs that is easy to apply;
  • Patented, Integrated Silicone – comfortable offloading of the knee with a nonslip cup effect; the hexagon design allows air pockets to gently support the knee;
  • Easy to Wear – the most open and lightweight design available in OA knee bracing;
  • Brace options are selected according to your affected OA compartment (OA- Osteoarthritis “bone on bone”);
  • Medial Compartment – The side of the body or a body part that is closest to the middle or center of the body;
  • Lateral Compartment – The side of the body or a body part that is farther from the middle or center of the body.

Note: The OA Reaction comes with an undersleeve that is the exact size of the brace you order, if you wish to have a different size sleeve or need a replacement, purchase a Reaction Knee Undersleeve.

Rebound® Air Walker

The Rebound® Air Walker was developed for Grade 2 and 3 ankle sprains, stable fractures, post-operative use, trauma, or rehabilitation use.  The Rebound® Air Walker has the following features:

  • Linked medial and lateral air bladders with a single inflation point provide balanced compression and are shaped to cradle the Achilles, holding the heel in place;
  • Moisture-wicking softgood helps keep skin dry and comfortable;
  • Straps fasten in front for easy application, adjustment and removal;
  • EVA material provides greater shock absorption in the heel;
  • Fully-integrated air pump and release valve provides easy, tool-free inflation and deflation for fine-tuned, consistent compression;
  • Flex Edge™ overmolding conforms to each patient’s unique anatomy to help limit the formation of pressure points;
  • Rocker bottom promotes a natural, stable gait, while a trimmable, semi-soft toe bumper provides added protection;
  • Ventilated panels wick moisture to prevent microbial buildup and improve patient comfort.

M-Brace Patella Stabilizer (with Hinges)

(Item Id: MB41)

This is a knee brace for either leg. It provides leg support, stability, and protection following muscle, joint or tendon injuries in the patella region. It also provides passive support during rehabilitation and protection during sporting activities. An exclusive handy locking system allows varied pressure for optimal support and improved comfort. The two moon shaped buttress along with the multicentric aluminum hinges unite patellar tracking with greater lateral support and protection. Excellent for patellar subluxation, patellar instability, tendonitis, knee sprains, knee laxity, the brace is hypoallergenic with 100% cotton next to the skin. Machine washable; air dry.

Sizing based upon knee circumference (4″ above the mid patella).

M-Brace Light MCL-LCL Instability

(Item Id: MB75)

Really comfortable support for knee injuries due to minor sprains, minor weakness in LCL (lateral collateral ligaments) and MCL (medial collateral ligaments), bursitis and compression in cases of joint effusion. The Light Instability Brace provides passive support during rehab and provides protection during sporting activities. Anatomically shaped medial & lateral aluminum polycentric hinges guarantee a complete synchrony with the natural movement of the knee.Hypoallergenic and 100% cotton next to the skin. Machine wash, air dry. This brace conforms to the requirements of policy 93/42CEE re. medical devices. Sizing based upon knee circumference (4″ above the mid patella).

M-Brace Adjustable Knee Wrap

(Item Id: MB20)

Comfortable and easily adjustable both above and below the patella for custom fit and compression needs. Can be worn on either the right or left knee. Excellent for providing compression to help  control swelling and pain. It is hypoallergenic so will not cause irritation when worn directly on the skin. Machine wash, air dry.

Sizing based upon knee circumference (4″ above the mid patella).

M-Brace Ankle Stabilizer

Item Id: MB17

Yes, this is pricy, but it really feels great to wear. It’s the only ankle brace with a posterior opening, allowing easy and painless application. Also, it can easily fit in any shoe and can be worn on either foot. It has a reinforced strap that is manually applied to the stabilizer, using the “Figure 8” technique. The M-Brace Ankle Stabilizer is indicated for traumatic pathologies such as ankle sprains, tendonitis and during rehab phase of the ankle injury. It controls the inversion and eversion movements of the ankle. Machine wash gentle, air dry.  Sizing based upon foot circumference (from heel to top surface of foot).

M-Brace Jumper’s Knee Support

(Item Id: MB45)

Alleviates pain by reducing tension on muscles and ligaments. For apophysitis, patellar chondromalacia, patellofemoral arthralgia, jumper’s knee and Osgood-Schlatter disease. Can be used as a preventative measure during sports or during rehab phase. Easily adjustable, fits on either leg and made from 100% breathable cotton only. Washable. Sizing based upon the circumference below the patella (knee cap)

M-Brace Thigh Wrap

(Item Id: MB80)

Thanks to its elasticity and to a cushion placed between the wrap and the skin, this wrap exerts a pressure that helps the muscle in its healing process. Strongly indicated for use during sports and for traumatic pathologies such as muscle contractures, contusions (Charlie Horse),strains, tears and haematoma. Breathable, 100% cotton on your skin.  Hypo-allergenic and neoprene free.

Sizing based upon circumference of thigh.

Extra Ankle Lock Strenua

(Item Id: MB16)

The M-Brace Strenua Extra Ankle Lock #16 is a high performance, neoprene-free ankle sleeve designed for athletes with the need for enhanced control of the ankle joint. The brace controls excessive ankle motion with additional reinforced ankle straps to secure the ankle in the neutral position. Simply slip your foot in and apply the velcro closures that are attached to elasticized straps for a secure fit. The M-Brace Strenua Extra Ankle Lock is made out of cotton velour material for improved breathability and promotes better hygiene compared to neoprene varieties. The Strenua Extra ankle brace is well suited for treating ankle arthritis, mild ankle sprains, chronic swelling, and moderate level sports activity.

Strenua Extra Ankle Lock Features:

  • Extremely low profile for use inside all types of shoes.
  • Provides compression and support with the ankle cuff and reinforced ankle straps.
  • The heel is open in the back to eliminate any pinching on the achilles area.
  • The ankle brace “feel” is similar to wearing a soft sock, and can be worn directly on the skin or on top of a sock.
  • Strenua Extra is made of breathable 100% cotton fabric for breathable softness.
  • Double reinforced high-tension elastic straps secure the ankle in a neutral position to an athletic tape job and resist stretching out over time.
  • Fully adjustable and incorporates a user-friendly locking system to provide a secure fit.
  • Fits right and left sides.
  • Available in five sizes to fit everyone – see sizing chart tab.
  • Available Colors: Blue

Size Heel to Ankle Circumference:

S 8.3″ – 10.3″ | M 10.3″ – 11.9″ | L 11.9″ – 14.2″ | XL 14.2″ – 15.8″ | 2XL 15.8″ – 17.8″

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