Our Physio Clinic in Dorval and Physiotherapy in West Island

Our physio clinic in Dorval, located in the West Island, has been serving patients in Montréal for over 10 years. All physiotherapists (physio) at the AMS clinic and other injury rehabilitation and health care professionals are certified and highly qualified. We are the reference for physiotherapy services in the West Island.

Our treatments

Our medical and rehabilitation clinic in Dorval is staffed by qualified therapists who offer a collaborative approach to physical therapy. Their in-depth knowledge of injuries and disease patterns allows them to design a personalized program to promote your complete recovery. Depending on your injury or trauma, our physiotherapists encourage you to pursue multiple treatments:

  • Massages;
  • Mobilization;
  • Stretching;
  • Treatment of inflammation.

By combining exercises and movements, some of which you can practice at home, our professionals ensure that your physical rehabilitation is optimal.


At AMS, our physiotherapists partner with other health care providers with related skills. When they feel that your recovery would benefit from additional care, they then collaborate with other professionals to form a better team that will ensure your recovery. Here are some of the ways in which they do this:

  • Physiotherapists:
    • Richard Bouzaglou
    • Behtash Bakhshi
    • Nowaz Syed
  • Rehabilitation Therapists:
    • Ophelie Lebon
    • Leanna Sumabat
  • Massage Therapists:
    • Ana Sheila Bustamante
    • Dounia Zidelkheir
  • Occupational Therapist:
    • Mimi Luong
  • Acupuncturist:
    • Jean Marc Doyon
  • Sports doctors;
    • Michael Golgoon
    • Ashwin Sairam
    • Roberto Lin
  • Orthotist-prosthetist:
    • Sylvie Boileau
  • Psychologist:
    • Petra Winkler

Also important in the practice of the physiotherapists in our physical rehabilitation clinic is the physician’s work. The goal of this collaboration is to help you manage, treat and prevent various physical problems.

All together, these professionals equip you to guide you towards a successful recovery. Their techniques and precision target the exercises you need to get back into shape.



Meet our physiotherapists

At the Physiotherapy Clinic in Dorval, our physiotherapists are all highly trained to not only accompany you on the road to recovery, but also to help you prevent recurrences of your injury or complications. Do you have an injury or trauma and wish to learn how to manage your condition on your own, thanks to judicious and precise advice Contact us for a free consultation with one of our physical therapists!

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