FAQ Facility and Therapists

Want to know what kind of patients we work with? How long therapy takes? Or what role you play in your own therapy and recovery? We answer those questions and others below.

Do You Have Physicians on Staff?

Yes. Our physiotherapists and other treatment providers work as part of a team with onsite physicians. This team approach is convenient for you — since you don’t have to go from office to office — and it ensures you get input from different treatment treatment providers if needed.

What Makes AMS Therapists Better?

AMS therapists have advanced training in their area of practice. As part of a multidisciplinary team including physicians, they also benefit from the insights of other professionals and are more willing to refer to other health care professionals if this could be beneficial. AMS therapists have advanced training in treating complicated orthopedic conditions including those related to the neck, back and extremities.

How Long Does It Take to Recover?

Recovery times depend on the problem to be treated and on other factors. This is a question you can ask your therapy provider, when you visit. They will be able to give you some idea based on their experience and on clinical patterns.

After assessing you the therapist will discuss what treatment he or she recommends for your situation including frequency and duration of your care, and factors that can help you recover well.

What Role Do I Play in My Recovery?

You absolutely can play an active role in your own recovery, and help yourself heal better, and sometimes faster by following the therapists’ recommendations and instructions, and by keeping a positive attitude. For example, the therapist may tell you things that you should not do during different stages of recovery, or may recommend  home exercises to compliment what happens in the clinic.

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and other “hands on” rehab therapies involve the patient in their own recovery. Educating you the patient, to manage your condition, and contribute to your recovery, is part of the goal of treatment. At the AMS Clinic, we integrate techniques for long term care management, reducing the incidence of recurrence, and promoting patient independence.

Do Your Therapists Do On-going Training Beyond What is Required?

Yes. Studies on clinical outcomes clearly show that therapists who are more efficient in their treatment methodology, perform fewer treatment procedures, require fewer patient visits, and generate greater positive outcomes at lower costs. Many of AMS Clinic therapists are Certified treatment providers, and all attend continuing education programs in excess of the minimum required by the provincial licensing board.  If your therapist is scraping by with the bare minimum, it tells you a bit about their passion for the profession. You should ask yourself: “Do you want the therapist responsible for your treatment meeting only minimum requirements for continuing education?”

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