Personal Training for Rehabilitation

Working with AMS Clinic physiotherapist trainers is the right way to build up strength and support after an injury, or to help to turn your potential into performance and be the best you can be.

What We Provide

Personal training for rehabilitation is done by a sports physiotherapist and sports rehabilitation therapists with expertise in both rehabilitation, sports medicine and fitness. This means not only are our physiotherapists and rehabilitation therapists are able to diagnose and treat your injuries, but they also have the expertise to train you how to exercise safely, and to build your strength back.

Both of our clinic locations have a dedicated gym facility where our physiotherapists & rehabilitation therapists can work with you to show you how to perform certain exercises, and demonstrate what to do and how to do it right. They will assure that you have proper direction and technique to exercise safely and effectively so that you can continue to work on your own.

Follow-up sessions or refreshers are often helpful to ensure you continue to use proper technique for the best outcomes.

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