Physiotherapy Postural Approach

AMS Clinic specializes in postural treatment through the Holistic Gymnastics method, recognizing the crucial role posture plays in physical and mental well-being. With a physiotherapist boasting over a decade of experience in orthopedics, the focus here is on personalization. Each patient undergoes a comprehensive assessment to determine specific goals and needs, with tailored exercises designed to address individual concerns. This approach also includes pain relief through simple tools like tennis balls or buckwheat bags. Group sessions emphasize individualized attention, making AMS Clinic the exceptional choice for those seeking improved posture, pain relief, and an enhanced quality of life.

Postural Approach in Physiotherapy: HOLISTIC GYMNASTICS

This French-born methodology was created by Dr. Lily Ehrenfried (Berlin 1896, Paris, 1994), a German-born physician and physiotherapist. Fleeing Nazism, she settled in France in 1933 where she died at the age of 98. Not having the right to practice medicine in France, but anxious to continue her work in the field of health, she introduced and developed a method of body education that prioritizes conscious movement, that is to say based on the awakening of proprioceptive sensitivity, sensorimotor learning and body awareness.

By acting simultaneously on 3 axes: balance, breathing and muscle tone, Holistic Gymnastics aims to optimize the use of the body by giving it balance, harmony and better performance for daily activities. In addition, this method always takes into account the anatomical, physiological and biomechanical structures of the body and respects the individuality and bodily limits of each person. The movements require the body as a whole and are not limited to the segment being worked.

As an example, we could mention the movement called a small ball under the foot which relaxes the plantar fascia, improves the foot’s support but also has an effect at a distance: cervical sagging. There is a large repertoire of movements, more than 800, that can be used educationally, preventively or therapeutically.

A feature of the GH session is that the movements are not demonstrated. The holistic gymnastics practitioner orally and accurately describes the movements and the participants perform them on their own by experiencing unusual gestures that prompt sensitivity, body awareness and the creation of new neuromuscular responses (creation of new brain synapses – brain plasticity).

Cushions, balls of different sizes and firmness, sticks, rolling pins, small buckwheat bags, PVC tubes, wooden blocks, are some of the materials used in GH to help with body reorganization and education.

Sessions can be private or in small groups.
Holistic Gymnastics is for all people, women and men, regardless of age, who want to improve their health. Children are also welcome, with more playful sessions that will help them develop their full body potential.

Since the movements are not demonstrated, the Holistic Gymnastics participant must have healthy cognitive functions. In group sessions, it is important that the person is able to lie on the floor.
Holistic Gymnastics has the following objectives:

  • Decrease stress
  • reduce pain (acute, subacute, or chronic)
  • maintain or increase independence, joint mobility, flexibility and muscle strength,
  • enable optimal performance in daily activities, in the workplace (repetitive movements and prolonged positions) or in sports and the arts (refinement of gestures),
  • prevention of pathologies,
  • physical and mental relaxation
  • To help pre- and postpartum women who wish to maintain and regain their physical integrity.

We at AMS Clinic are proud to have Adriana Kundrat Brasil, physiotherapist, who has been practicing this method for many years.

Reasons Why Holistic Gymnastics Postural Treatment at AMS Clinic Stands Out From Other Clinics

In the quest for a healthy and balanced life, the importance of good posture is undeniable. Posture is not simply a matter of appearance; It is fundamental to a person’s physical and mental well-being.

The AMS Clinic recognizes the vital importance of posture for overall health and offers exceptional postural treatment through the Holistic Gymnastics method.
What makes postural treatment at AMS Clinic unique is the dedication and experience of our physiotherapist, a professional with more than 10 years of experience and specialized in orthopedics. Her exceptional expertise lies in her ability to not only teach movements, but also to tailor them to meet each patient’s unique body needs.

Individualization is the cornerstone of our method. Each patient receives a detailed initial assessment, where the physiotherapist determines the goals of treatment and the specific areas of the body that need attention. Our professional’s expertise allows her to adapt movements precisely, without drastically changing them, ensuring that each patient receives a tailor-made treatment.

A distinguishing feature of our method is the ability to relieve pain. If a patient is in pain, our physiotherapist is adept at reducing pressure on sensitive areas, such as the vertebrae, by using simple materials, such as tennis balls or buckwheat bags, making the treatment not only effective, but also accessible and convenient.

In addition, at the AMS Clinic, the group approach is valued. During group sessions, our physiotherapist personalizes each exercise by prioritizing different regions for different patients. For example, in the same movement, she may focus on closing the ribs to improve a patient’s chest curvature, while for another patient, she may focus on the position of the tongue on the palate to improve cervical curvature and traction. This meticulous attention to individual needs is what sets our treatment apart and leads to remarkable results.

At AMS Clinic, we believe that every body is unique, and every patient deserves a treatment that takes into account their particularities. It is this personalized philosophy and commitment to excellence that makes our postural treatment with the Holistic Gymnastics method at AMS Clinic a truly exceptional choice for those seeking healthy posture, freedom from pain and quality of life.

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