Sports Medicine Clinic

We know you want to get back into the game. Our goal is to help get you there.

AMS is a leading Sports Medicine Clinic serving greater Montreal, the West Island, and the surrounding region. In our clinic, physicians who specialize in sports injuries lead a multidisciplinary team of injury recovery treatment providers including orthopedic surgeons, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and others.

At the AMS Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre, our Sports Medicine Clinic team members all work together, each contributing as needed to help you recover.

Diagnosis to Physical Therapy

We treat all types of athletes from all different sports, helping them back to peak performance. AMS Sports Medicine therapists take a comprehensive approach to treating sports injuries ensuring the best and quickest possible recovery time.

From diagnostics and physical therapy to rehabilitation and pain management, the clinic has everything under one roof. For injuries where surgery is required, we also can diagnose and work with either our in-house surgeons or affiliated hospitals and surgeons to ensure the right treatment for your problem.

Our doctors offer a variety of medical services such as the diagnosis, treatment and follow up for patients of all ages in order to prevent or treat specific conditions. Our sports medicine clinic team includes two orthopedic surgeons who can evaluate patients in cases where conservative treatment (physiotherapy, occupational therapy, cortisone injections, etc.) have not helped and surgery may be required.

For Athletes At All Levels

The AMS Sports Medicine Clinic treats athletes of all types and ages – from high school, college, and even olympic and professional athletes, to everyday athletes and gym-goers. We have experience treating a wide variety of sport related injuries from almost any sport imaginable — running, soccer, rugby, rowing, skiing, golf, dance, football — and others. Our patients include recreational athletes, all the way up to professionals.

Orthopedic Therapists

Our experienced Sports Medicine staff delivers treatment with compassion and care. Whether it’s on the field, in the gym, or just in everyday activities, our orthopedic and sports medicine treatment providers can help you overcome injury and get back into the game.

We use the most current technologies to diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate sports injuries, and conditions. Wrist, knee, shoulder, or other joint problems, muscle tears and pulls, even arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome –  our Sports Medicine Clinic physicians and therapists treat it all.

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