Success Stories

Being able to see our patients get stronger and enjoy fuller, better lives, is part of the joy of doing what we do.

We appreciate their drive, their strength – and their words!

I am writing this note to let you know that your employee Tom K is fantastic! This afternoon I tried the massage that your company offers for the first time and was very impressed with Tom. He is professional, courteous, and quite strong. Right now I feel terrific. My back is so relaxed and my body is very happy.

I just wanted to tell you that Tom did a great job.

Xeni Gavalas

Hi AMS team,

Thank you for putting my back and entire body back into shape after my spinal fusion. Every single person on your AMS Team contributed to the enormous medical transformation that occurred. I’m extremely happy, proud, and pain free at this time. I’m playing competitive tennis at an very high level in various regions in Florida at this time. I’ll see the team very soon and I will certainly refer others and return for my own improvements and strengthening.

Dave Liebman

Pointe-Claire, QC

… it makes my life easier for now since I am unable to do most things I use to do as an active woman.


It has given me the opportunity to slowly ease my way back into performing my job duties at work without fear of reinjuring myself.


…cheerful, empathetic, and caring atmosphere helps boost one’s morale during a difficult time. Bravo AMS – and thank-you! Wishing you all much continued success!


…they have helped me move my back again. When I first went there, I was in so much pain and could not even move or walk…


Hello Mr. Bouzaglou,

It is with great pleasure and satisfaction that I’ve chosen to write this testimonial for the AMS Clinic and the teamwork approach this clinic emphasizes. My name is David Liebman and I have “DDD “, Degenerative Disc Disease. When I came to AMS for the first time, I was in excruciating and debilitating pain. It was so severe that I could barely get out of bed. It was depressing for a man in his fifties that had been used to working and playing tennis. Today, while I haven’t returned to my active sports endeavours, I have a lifestyle that permits me to travel long distances by car and airplanes. I’m able to resume my busy social activities with friends and families. My readily available treatments, doctors, therapists, secretaries, and every other competent medical professional at the clinic has allowed me to attain my goal, one of a normal lifestyle, without the excruciating lower back pain that I had to live with before my treatment at the AMS Clinic. It is for this reason, as well as all the others that I have mentioned in this honest testimonial, that I’m pleased to have been given the opportunity to express my true feelings about my experience at AMS.

David Liebman

Patient of AMS

…I have regained movement. I can bend and I have been treated for the right thing whereas the other clinic they kept on telling it was a muscle and it would get better eventually still after 5 long months. At AMS they told me I had 1 joint stuck and once in a while I was getting a pinch nerve. Not at all a muscle problem. I have seen changes in few weeks only at the AMS clinic. I have been putting AMS business card in the team room at my work for anyone that needs help.


AMS clinic helped me to regain my autonomy and also contributed to my well being.


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