Our Physiotherapists Occupational Therapists, Osteopaths, Massage Therapists and other professionals

AMS Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres, located in Montréal and in Dorval, in the West Island, are staffed by a comprehensive multidisciplinary team of health and rehabilitation professionals, including physiotherapists, massage therapists, occupational therapists, osteopaths, registered physicians, and other accredited treatment providers.

Our physiotherapists:

Our physiotherapists in Montréal and our physiotherapists in Dorval, West Island provide all the physiotherapy care required to heal any physical injury or trauma you may experience. With their high quality training, they first evaluate the nature of the problem you are presenting by means of various tests (mobility, strength, posture, perception, etc.). Once the extent of the disorder has been measured, rehabilitation goals are established and a personalized plan is designed to ensure the most effective recovery possible.

As members of l’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec, our physical therapists have the success of your recovery at heart. Their goal is to help you regain your full potential by focusing on your body’s natural recovery system.

Throughout the healing process and sessions, whether face-to-face or at a distance, our physiotherapists will ensure that you fully understand the exercises and manipulations they recommend and why they are performed. The neurological, musculoskeletal and cardio-respiratory systems hold no secrets for our team of physiotherapists, and we believe that it is important that each of our patients understands the value of the exercises they are then required to perform at home. In short, the success of a treatment rests largely on the patient’s shoulders, as they do about half of the work outside the clinic.

Some of our physiotherapists also have other specialties in physical therapy. These include sports medicine. Depending on the situation, sports medicine can help heal an injury or trauma, but also prevent them or improve certain skills, such as flexibility.

At AMS, our team is composed of several experts in physiotherapy and other disciplines in Montréal and Dorval. Would you like to learn more about the care we provide? Contact us today!

Our occupational therapists

With a master’s or bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy, our occupational therapists have all the necessary skills to help you regain full autonomy in your daily activities. Whether your difficulty is motor or psychological, our team will teach you exercises and suggest activities to improve your mobility.

Our osteopaths

Combining several years of studies in osteopathy, our certified osteopaths are able to identify the cause of neuromusculoskeletal, visceral or cranial disorders through highly precise palpation and a global approach. Through their manipulations, our osteopaths can treat your pain and its accompanying symptoms, such as loss of mobility.

Our massage therapists

With extensive experience in massage therapy, our massage therapists will help you manage your stress or treat sports injuries, for example, through different types of massages (Swedish, shiatsu, therapeutic, etc.). From pediatrics to geriatrics, our team helps improve the health of patients of all ages.

Our rehabilitation therapists

Cumulating significant experience in physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation, our rehabilitation therapists apply proven methods and concepts to help each patient regain his or her function. Their approach also allows patients to have a certain autonomy in their treatment and reduces the risk that the disorder encountered will recur.

Our acupuncturists

With their extensive training and mastery of acupuncture, our acupuncturists combine traditional Chinese medicine with conventional medicine in their treatment of patient pain. They also work with other members of the AMS team to promote healing.

Our psychologists

Possessing varied knowledge in psychology, our psychologists are able to help many types of patients suffering from chronic diseases, pain, post traumatic stress, anxiety or other psychological problems. Our psychologists promote your recovery by focusing on the interactions between mental imbalance and physical illness.

Our orthoprosthetists

Experienced and versatile, our orthoprosthetists are able to design a wide variety of orthotics tailored to suit the specific needs of each patient. Whether for the knees, elbows, wrists, back or feet, our orthotics are effective in preventing or correcting poor posture and pain.

Our doctors

Multidisciplinary, our physicians have different areas of expertise, which allows them to offer complete care to the patients they see. Our team includes physicians specializing in general medicine, sports medicine and orthopedical surgery. They all work to improve the performance of athletes of all levels and the autonomy of people of all ages.

The AMS Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres’ complete “team” approach ensures you are in good hands.
If you have an injury, or need help recovering from an illness or other problem, call AMS at 514-300-1031.