Rehabilitation Therapists

The AMS Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centres deliver complete rehabilitation therapy services at both clinics in Montreal and Dorval.

We have several rehabilitation therapists on staff.

John Dale Comia

John Dale Comia

Rehabilitation Therapist

Enter the world of compassionate care and dedicated expertise with John, a rehabilitation therapist who stands as a pillar of professionalism and knowledge. With an innate ability to connect with his patients and an unquenchable thirst for learning, John is a true partner in his patients’ journey towards better health.
John’s journey began when he graduated from the physiotherapy technology program at Dawson College in the summer of 2021. Fueled by a desire to make a meaningful impact, he eagerly stepped into the role of filling a critical need in CHSLDs, working alongside the elderly population in collaboration with a skilled multidisciplinary team. Over the course of the past two years, John’s experience has finely honed the skills required to collaborate seamlessly with physiotherapy and medical professionals, specializing in deconditioning and the rehabilitation of the elderly population.
Intrinsically motivated by his commitment to patient care, John expanded his skill set to become a certified massage therapist. This added layer of expertise has further enriched his ability to provide holistic support to his patients.
Despite having garnered experience in rehabilitation & physiotherapy centers, along with private physiotherapy clinics through his clinical education, John felt the limitations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic in his growth and skill development within that sector. To achieve a well-rounded professional profile, he boldly ventured into the private physiotherapy sector. This move was driven by his unwavering commitment to continually enhance his skills and gain the knowledge necessary to flourish in his field.
John thrives on challenges within the realm of physiotherapy, always eager to learn and apply new skills while cherishing interactions with people. His dedication to honing his skills led him to specialize in the McKenzie Method, enhancing his proficiency in physiotherapy techniques. His pursuit of excellence extended to acquiring licensure as a massage therapist, showcasing his dedication to holistic healing.
In 2022, John joined the AMS team, adding his expertise to a collective commitment to patient well-being. As a member of the Ordre Professionnel de la Physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ) and the Association des Massothérapeutes du Québec (AMQ), John operates with the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring that his patients receive care that is both compassionate and rooted in best practices.
John’s rapport with his patients is a testament to his genuine concern for their health and his dedication to their journey of recovery. His blend of knowledge, empathy, and continuous learning serves as a guiding light in the world of rehabilitation therapy. Experience the transformative impact of John’s care and dedication as he partners with you to achieve your health and wellness goals.

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Houssine Bekri

Houssine Bekri

Rehabilitation Therapist

Houssine is a highly competent physical rehabilitation therapist, strength and conditioning coach, and sport rehabilitation specialist with a passion for helping athletes and patients achieve their fitness goals. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Physiotherapy from Central University in Tunisia and an equivalency program completed in Quebec, Houssine has become recognized as one of the top therapists and sports rehabilitation specialists at the AMS Medical & Rehabilitation Centre.

Houssine’s love for sports began at an early age, participating in various sports such as Judo, Handball, and Boxing. His education in physiotherapy paved the way for a career focused on physical rehabilitation therapy. He quickly honed his skills in manual therapy and sports rehabilitation while working at AMS clinic. Houssine became known for his ability to develop customized rehabilitation programs that incorporated multiple approaches, including the Mechanical Diagnosis Therapy (Mackenzie) method, the Mulligan Concept, exercise therapy, and sport-specific training.  Houssine is currently in charge of the fitness & rehabilitation group and personal training program at the AMS Clinic.

As his expertise in sports rehabilitation grew, Houssine was responsible for developing rehabilitation programs for injured athletes, as well as providing injury prevention and performance enhancement training. His innovative approach to rehabilitation caught the attention of colleagues collaborating with him. Houssine has helped numerous amateur athletes and patients overcome their injuries and achieve their fitness goals. He has accomplished these feats by developing innovative rehabilitation programs that have helped countless individuals.

Houssine runs his own private practice, where he provides sports-specific strength and conditioning training services to athletes and individuals looking to improve their fitness and performance levels. With a focus on strength and conditioning, he incorporates exercises into his rehabilitation programs to help athletes and patients regain their strength and prevent future injuries. His approach to rehabilitation is unique, providing benefits that traditional methods do not provide. Clients have seen remarkable improvements through his innovative techniques.

Houssine’s commitment to his craft is evident in his pursuit of knowledge. He is a certified strength and conditioning coach, and he stays up to date with the latest research and developments in the field of sports medicine. He is currently finishing his diploma in sport physical therapy offered by the international Olympic committee and attends conferences and workshops regularly to learn about new techniques and approaches.

Houssine is also an accomplished athlete himself, participating in various sports and activities, including running, weightlifting, and boxing. His dedication to fitness and health is inspiring to his clients, and he encourages them to reach their full potential.

Houssine has achieved many accomplishments in his career. He has helped several professional athletes recover from career-threatening injuries, developed unique rehabilitation programs that have been widely adopted in the industry, and has published articles on his approach to rehabilitation. His clients have benefited from his expertise, as they have seen remarkable results.

Houssine’s innovative approach to rehabilitation has earned him the respect of his colleagues and the trust of his clients. His passion for helping athletes and patients achieve their fitness goals is unwavering, and he continues to inspire his colleagues and clients to strive for excellence in everything they do.

He is currently a fully licensed rehabilitation therapist in Quebec and is member of the Ordre de la physiothérapie du Quebec and is a Fifa certified in Football Medicine

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Wilfred Padirayon

Wilfred Padirayon

Rehabilitation Therapist

Born and raised in the vibrant community of Côtes-des-Neiges, Wilfred’s passion for serving his hometown and making a positive impact on people’s lives led him to the esteemed AMS clinic. As a dedicated physiotherapy technician, he constantly strives to provide exceptional care, instilling confidence in his patients and helping them achieve their health goals.

Wilfred’s journey in the field of physiotherapy began at Dawson College, where he immersed himself in the comprehensive Physiotherapy Technology program. Eager to excel, he completed the course with flying colors, graduating in the summer of 2021. But that was just the beginning of his quest for excellence.

Recognizing the value of hands-on experience, Wilfred actively sought opportunities to expand his skill set. He honed his craft by providing specialized care in CHSLDs and CCs across Montreal, demonstrating his commitment to improving the lives of those he served. However, as the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic temporarily limited direct patient interactions, he felt the desire to enhance his clinical exposure and expertise further.

Driven by an unwavering determination to deliver top-notch care, Wilfred made a pivotal decision to join the renowned AMS clinic. Here, he could refine his skills, enrich his experience, and most importantly, connect with patients on a deeper level. Empathy, kindness, and a sincere dedication to his patients’ well-being define Wilfred’s approach, ensuring that every individual receives the utmost attention and personalized care.

One of Wilfred’s passions lies in the innovative McKenzie method, which he adeptly utilizes to address musculoskeletal issues and promote long-lasting relief for his patients. With this invaluable tool and an array of other advanced techniques at his disposal, he confidently navigates the challenges presented by various conditions, empowering his patients to regain control of their health.

An esteemed member of the Ordre Professionnel de la Physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ), Wilfred’s commitment to professional excellence is underscored by his active involvement in the physiotherapy community. As he continues to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field, his patients can rest assured that they are in the hands of a knowledgeable and skilled physiotherapy expert.

Wilfred’s story is a testament to the profound impact that an individual with a genuine passion for their work can have on the lives of others. His dedication to his community and the field of physiotherapy shines through in every interaction, and his patients can trust that they are receiving care from a technician who is not only competent but deeply compassionate.

With Wilfred by their side, patients can embark on a journey of healing and growth, confident in the knowledge that they are in the care of a physiotherapy technician who goes above and beyond to empower lives and foster lasting well-being.

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Leanne Sumabat

Leanne Sumabat

Rehabilitation Therapist

Embark on a journey of compassion and expertise with Leanne, a dedicated rehabilitation therapist and certified massage therapist who embodies a serene presence and a patient-centered approach. With a genuine commitment to her patients’ well-being, Leanne stands as a beacon of care, professionalism, and calm.
Leanne’s educational journey led her to pursue Physiotherapy Technology at Dawson College, where she completed the comprehensive three-year program in 2020. Throughout her clinical education, she embraced hands-on experiences, translating her skills and competencies into meaningful care settings such as CHSLDs, community hospitals, and private clinics in Montreal. As an intern, she had the privilege of being mentored at one of the prestigious AMS clinics, collaborating seamlessly within a robust interdisciplinary team.
Driven by a desire for continuous growth and professional advancement as a physical rehabilitation therapist (TRP), Leanne’s ambitions are directed towards further studies in the renowned McKenzie Method and the Mulligan Concept. Her commitment to honing her skills is not only a testament to her dedication but also a reflection of her unwavering commitment to her patients’ betterment.
Leanne’s practice is distinguished by her holistic approach, ensuring that the overall well-being of her clients remains at the forefront of her care philosophy. Her aim is to provide the most effective rehabilitation treatments, tailored to the unique needs of each individual she has the privilege of serving.
A member of the Ordre Professionnel de la Physiothérapie du Québec (OPPQ), Leanne’s dedication to her profession is also marked by her licensure as a fully certified massage therapist. Her commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care, coupled with her compassionate and composed demeanor, makes her an ideal partner in the journey towards healing, recovery, and renewed vitality.
If you seek a therapist who embodies the qualities of empathy, professionalism, and a patient-centered approach, Leanne is the practitioner who will guide you towards a path of comprehensive care and well-being.

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Ana Sheila Bustamante

Ana Sheila Bustamante

Massage Therapist

Step into a realm of tranquility and expertise with Ana, a massage therapist who embodies kindness, calmness, knowledge, and professionalism. Admired and respected by her patients, Ana is a steadfast guide on your path to healing and relaxation.

Ana Sheilla's journey in massage therapy began with her certification from the Marguerite-Bourgeoys School Board, where she honed her skills and developed a fervent passion for helping her patients achieve wellness. Her commitment to her craft goes beyond the ordinary, as she consistently seeks out innovative training opportunities to further deepen her knowledge and enhance her practice.

Ana brings to the table a range of massage approaches, each tailored to meet specific needs and preferences:

- Swedish Massage
- Therapeutic Massage
- Shiatsu Massage
- Athletic/Sports Massage
- Deep Tissue Massage

-Pre & post-natal massage

Whether you're seeking relief from stress or looking to address sports-related injuries, Ana is prepared to walk alongside you on your journey towards healing. Her multifaceted skillset allows her to offer personalized treatments that not only cater to your physical needs but also provide a sense of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Ana's reputation among her patients speaks volumes about her dedication and expertise. Her kindness and calm demeanor create a serene atmosphere that promotes a truly therapeutic experience. Her knowledge of massage techniques and their applications further enhances the quality of care she provides.

When you choose Ana as your massage therapist, you're choosing a partner who is not only proficient in her craft but also genuinely cares about your well-being. With a commitment to continuous learning and a heart devoted to helping others, Ana is your trusted guide on the journey to wellness and relaxation.