Why Choose Us For Your Rehabilitation?

Recovering from injury? Need rehabilitation services after an accident or illness? Or pain management?

AMS Clinic has all of these health services and more – under one roof.

Your Recovery is Our Mission

Our team of physicians and therapists put your health and well-being at the center of their focus to assure you of the best recovery possible. We know that our strength lies in the ability and knowledge of our clinicians. Therefore, all therapists actively participate in continuing education seminars. AMS Clinic health providers believe in life-long learning and continue to evaluate new research, new methods and insights in treatment to ensure they can deliver the best possible treatment to you.

Highest Level of Patient Satisfaction

We utilize the most advanced, scientifically validated treatment options available. In doing so, we have achieved a greater than 93% success rate with our patient outcomes and, more importantly, only 9% of our patients return to us after discharge to be treated for the same condition, which surpasses the industry standard of 40-50%.

Friendly, Patient-centered Treatment

AMS believes that treating patients as people is part of a healing formula. AMS is not an institutional setting — we are an independently owned and operated clinic dedicated to personal patient care. We believe that a clinic should be friendly, and treat patients as people first, from how you are first greeted, to how your therapist talks to you.

Quick Access To The Help You Need

Our clinic provides everything you need under one roof – including physician staff. The team also includes registered physiotherapists, occupational therapists, massage therapists, psychologists, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and other treatment providers.

Our Therapists Take the Time

Identifying, as precise as possible, the source of the patient’s problem is a crucial step in healing, and should not be rushed. Our approach is extremely precise — in contrast to institutional therapists who often don’t take enough time to thoroughly evaluate each patient. More often, they follow a ‘symptom management’ approach which can mask the problem — or worse, use procedures with no proven scientific basis. In fact, many of the procedures provided by most therapists are things the patient could easily do at home without the investment of time and expense associated with these ineffective physiotherapy treatment protocols.

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