Work Injury: Assessment, Hardening & Conditioning

Has your case manager, employer, or physician recommended a Functional Capacity Evaluation or Program? If not, they should!

Work injuries are part of business reality. When an injury happens, you can reduce days away from work, lower costs, and assure worker compliance, with the AMS Clinic’s functional capacity evaluations & programs.

Employer Costs Without Proper Programs are Rising

According to the U.S. National Business Group on Health, productivity costs due to unintentional non-fatal injuries in that country are estimated to be almost $200,000 a every 100 employees. Canadian figures follow a similar trend. The fact is that work injuries are extremely costly. Your company needs a way to systematially evaluate, manage, and monitor them. And to return that employee back to work as healthy, able — and as quickly — as possible.

Functional Capacity Development Program (PDCF)

PDCF is an interdisciplinary, individualized and work-oriented program designed to provide maximum benefit to both the company, and the worker. The program helps to return the worker to employment at their maximum productivity level or (where appropriate) at a level of maximum productivity according to their capacities — compatible with another job within or without the same company if required.

The program is approved by CNESST, SAAQ, and most private insurance plans.

Lower Your Risks and Costs With Work Hardening & Conditioning

The AMS PDCF program is custom created for each patient’s needs. The program can be for 3 days/week up to 5 days/week for 5-6 hours per day. The intensity of the program can be increased by increasing the training hours, modifying the exercises by modifying the difficulty or complexity of the exercise to match the patient’s ability while also minimizing recovery time.

Functional Capacity Evaluations & Program Components

Initial assessment of functional requirements relative to worker’s percentage of capacity , perception of disability and the worker’s opinion regarding his return to work.

Develop custom strength & endurance plan.

Simulate critical work demands & tasks.

Educate on body mechanics, work pacing, pain management & safety.

Assess the situational need for job modifications (when required).

Document and track progress towards observable and measurable goals.

Report and monitor, with an automatic discharge for lack of consistancy or compliance.

How is the AMS Clinic Program Different?

Our program improves recovery and also compliance:

  1. Initial baseline assessment determines functional capacity as a percentage of the worker’s job. This makes the recovery goal clear.
  2. We set weekly goals to ensure progress and to make sure the expected outcome is on track.
  3. Weekly functional progress notes are made including attendance records for clear communication and compliance.
  4. To ensure cost control, workers will be automatically discharged at 2 weeks when a lack of progress or consistency is documented.

What To Do Next

Working with AMS, we will contact your agent to get all the necessary authorizations to start the program. You can also speak to your CNESST, SAAQ or private insurance agent about the program we offer.

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